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Your business chooses the service it needs, when it needs it, and we get to work!

The hybrid work model is the ¨Great Upheaval¨ and it is our specialty!

At this pivotal point in modern working history, through this new hybrid working model, Hybrid Working Model Hellas provides you entrepreneurs with the possibility of a healthy daily life, but also the way to quickly recover the financial situation of your business.
Indicatives are mentioned :
  • Flexible hours / We provide you with the service you need when you need it!
  • Possibility to assess existing and/or potential workforce.
  • Commercial policy suggestions to increase your sales.
  • Analysis of your service and products compared to the competition.
  • Specialized marketing methods to achieve your goal.
  • Possibility of your business participating in Public Tenders, Project Announcements and Government Procurement with a personalized approach according to the experience and know-how available to our company.
  • Possibility of your business participating in European and cross-border subsidy and financing programs.
  • Provide workspace for meetings & presentations of your company, workshop spaces.
  • Accounting tasks, secretarial support, organizational tasks and operational planning management, administrative and executive support.
  • Building a corporate website, providing hosting services
  • Digitalization and archiving of physical file

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