Office Spaces

A new space to create!

Hybrid Working Model Hellas created for you workplaces that suit your business.
The private spaces we have are fully equipped and configured so that you can offer your team an environment of inspiration and creativity.
Workspaces can be used for meetings with your clients or partners, for conducting workshops and presentations, and even for conducting interviews.
Appropriately trained staff can offer you additional secretarial support during your presence at the venue, while at the same time there is also the possibility of catering services during your meetings.
The space can be rented for specific days and hours or even monthly, so you have more flexibility in planning your work!

Indicative services provided by HWMH :
  1. Easy and quick access to our site
  2. Friendly and cooperative host team
  3. Possibility of secretarial support during your stay on site
  4. Rent the space based on your own needs5) Possibility of providing catering services

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