Public Tenders

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Hybrid Working Model Hellas executives have a lot of experience & specialization in Public Works and Government Procurement Tenders, as well as in the implementation of the corresponding contracts.
Our provided services cover every need to participate in Tenders of minor importance, Market Research, Brief as well as International and concern the participation :
  • In Electronic Public Tenders (ESIDIS)
  • In Draft (Graphic) Contests
  • In Small Supplies Tenders through the I-Supplies online platform
  • In Tenders and market surveys through the Electronic Tenders Platform (CosmoONE) as well as the corresponding Public Hospitals (Promitheas)
Indicative services provided by HWMH:
  1. E-signature issuance and management
  2. Search Contests
  3. Control & update legalizing documents
  4. Prepare and submit dossier
  5. Control and submission of certification documents
  6. Drafting and submitting preliminary appeals
  7. Control of submission of supporting documents for the signing of the Contract and monitoring of its completion.
  8. Control of payment orders through the ¨DIAUGEIA¨ platform.

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