Who we are ? What is there?

The business world is still looking to find its footing, its balance on many levels. On the one hand, the two-year health and economic shock, on the other hand, the consecutive wage increases in 2022, the year of the BIG RESIGNATION,, and the extremely worrying lack of qualified managers from the Greek labor market have led to an extensive job insecurity both on the part of the business world and and on the part of the workers, an insecurity that, unfortunately, even today, even though we are proceeding with a total reset, has not been eliminated.

Everything else! Remote work, business reorganization, human outsourcing, redefining needs-salary costs-quality of work and service, corporate social responsibility.

Future = Employee
Employee = Redefinition of Values Cost Redetermination
Redefinition of Values
(support, cooperation, care, objectivity,
impartiality, social justice)
Redetermination of Cost
(remunerations based on the EU and not Greece), benefits (work tools, transportation, maintaining health and well-being either at the workplace or in the personal space).
The human at the center!

 ΗWMH is the 1 Greek company with women oriented philosophies. Equal opportunity, uniform salary structure.

HWMH is the first in Greece to present the new work culture in an environment now ready to accept it in the post-Covid-19 era.

HWMH offers service leadership to the administrative department of all its client companies. Radical complete administrative reorganization and finding new financial resources that due to old working culture patterns were tied up.

There is no such thing as impossible for us, just something we YET haven't done!
We neither invest in the names of our employees nor in the brands of our client companies. We invest in our relationships with them. This is also the goal of our existence and continuity. Relationships of quality, relationships of merit, relationships of development in all areas, relationships of LIFE.

We do not offer a diversity but a NEW normality
Our Goals

The aim of HWMH is on the one hand for all of us employees, that is our work family, to really believe in themselves and their capabilities and on the other hand for everyone our partner-clients to focus on their development and better financial restructuring by receiving an extremely higher quality of service than before. We always look for authenticity and creativity in all stages of work and in all areas of activity.

Our features.

Executives with many years of experience. Premium service experience. Discover how we can help you. The new era is also in Greece!

1 Hybrid Working Model

Outsourcing staff, the hours you need the staff and the days.
2 Public tenders
We undertake all the procedures for you to participate in Public Tenders. The process has never been easier.
3 Project management
Perhaps the most important thing in running your company, trust the experts and deal with the problems of the past.
4 Go Digital
Digitize your paper file, and archive it chronologically or in any way.
5 Physical File Storage
Store the physical file that is not in the immediate priorities in special storage areas.
6 Provision of temporary, permanent office, co-working or conference spaces
Ready-to-deliver spaces for your business development. Improve the image and operating environment.
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